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Proof of Wellness - Simply by Drinking DC LIFE PRO MAX

Proof of Wellness is the world’s first concept that advocate wellness while earning some digital currency. The root of Proof of Wellness focus to merge healthy instruments into human daily necessities in sync to earn some tokens through human daily activities.

Wellness is the mainspring of Drink2Earn. Drink2Earn is a Social-Fi project, where user can be earning your wealth through consuming water. The only machine in the world to leverage your wealth through your health. As all known the amount of water in human body ranges around 60% . Water is essential for health and is necessary for numerous bodily functions. Therefore, Drink2Earn is established by simply drinking water to start mining and user will be rewarded DC coins as guaranteed. Enrol into this programme with only purchase of the High- Tech water machine – DC Life Pro Max. DC Life Pro Max adapted with the world’s most advanced technology which include contactless electrolytic hydrogen production + Aerospace grade 200g high flux RO membrane + enhanced with Tera Hertz + built in Germicidal UVC LED.

User may enjoy shopping in DCemall with DC Coins and DC coins can convert to USDT too. The aspiration of Drink2Earn is to inspire community to built a healthier life. In other respects, Drink2Earn also built persistent platform to facilitate users to be linked to Web3.0.

Drink2Earn is the initial project beneath of Proof of Wellness, more forthcoming Social-Fi project that stimulate concept of leverage your wealth through your health. More health products for mining to integrate the entire health industry with the blockchain technology. With its huge community able to implement more concept to enrich the ecosystem.

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