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The payments scene is undergoing a remarkable shift. With cryptocurrencies at their fastest rate of adoption last year, their imprint as a better medium of exchange is thrust even more into the spotlight. Businesses that took the plunge in accepting crypto assets understand the shortcomings of traditional payment methods, and digital assets provide them with a different avenue to transact in a much cheaper and faster way. Such companies also recognize the rapid user growth and capital flowing into the industry, making the opportunity to tap into it too difficult to ignore.

Cointelegraph Research’s “How Can Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency Payments” report takes a deep dive into how businesses can follow the lead

of big-name firms like Microsoft, Gucci, AT&T, PayPal and several others in integrating cryptocurrency acceptance into their operations. We take you through how digital assets are revolutionizing payments, the firms leading the charge and their methods of doing so, and the simple ways regular businesses can partake in this emerging trend.

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