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“Predicting the future isn't magic,
It's artificial intelligence.”


The combination of blockchain technology and Big Data could deliver a number of interesting opportunities.


DynaChain Protocol is a fair engine that archiving and utilizing all transactions and user behavior data by Smart Contract System, Data Layer and Economy Strategy Risk Management.


All structured data are come from the Internet of Things (IoT) with connected devices and e-commerce platform that flow into the backbone systems that powered by DC.


Big data analytics is so important to help on harness customer’s data and use it to identify and specified customer’s needs and provide a precise solution to create a better customer experience.


The system supports the smart contract process for sales R/S agreement between a supplier and a participant. Actual performance information such as sales revenue and conversion rate is disclosed on the Dashboard to assist the agreement settlement.


Data layer stores data such as supplier information, product information, participant reputation, consumer purchasing behavior, consumer preference, and global purchasing data by a nation. Activity data of suppliers, and customers will be provided to participants for marketing and sales purposes.


Practically, as it takes time to settle the crypto economy over fiat usage for commerce activities, DynaChain Protocol supports two track transaction methods: fiat & coin. However, as the ecosystem settles, the coin model gradually expands so that the sustainable coin economy can be created with enough market circula-tion. To gradually boost coin transactions on DynaChain Protocol, economy models to manage risks and to activate coin usage are implemented.

The 5 V's of big data

These are the defining properties or dimensions of big data.
DynaChain collected data from more than 10 million users from DNG Worldwide through user behavior in different aspects according to the DynaChain Ecosystem. For example, through DC Smart App DynaChain collected users’ information based on their purchasing behavior through DCe Mall and wellness tracking records from several DC Wellness devices synced to DC Smart App. The data collection ease for DynaChain’s future to form an AI Healthcare Analysis Centre to loyalty users which can make more high accuracy of treatment and precise solution. It is improving the “Wellness of DC’s community” to create a society where members can live a vibrant life both physically and mentally.
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